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*Learning to care for a pet helps child to grow up into a loving adult who feels responsible towards those dependent on him.

nous allons louer une voiture pour le week-end*_*

Am I that easy to forget

Before you lave me sure you"d find

Your want his love much more than mine.

Wisdom is the wealth*_*

ziyou de jieshou, ziyou de geini, yu bolatu weiyou!

Just so you Bing-Lovers understand, not everybody likes Bing. Myself in particular. I am furious with microsoft and verizon for forcing Bing down my throat. It's not fair to take away choice and freedoms, especially when it alters the device from the way we paid our hard-earned money from it. So don't think this is some huge success for Bing. It's not. It's a mistake that's going to earn Bing a bad reputation.

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